The first film presented in the 6th edition of Six Degrees of Jazz is, JACO: the Film, a documentary film telling the story of Jaco Pastorius, a self-taught, larger-than-life musician who changed the course of modern music.
Sunday, Jan 3 2016

Never-before-seen archive unveils the story of Jaco's life, his music, his demise, and the lasting victory of artistic genius. There are few musicians who fundamentally change their instrument, and even fewer still who transcend their instrument altogether. Jaco Pastorius did both. In 1976, Jaco’s melodic “singing” bass style redefined the role of the bass in modern music. Almost overnight, critics hailed Jaco Pastorius as “the future of modern music,” alongside popular visionaries like David Bowie, Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Bryan Ferry, Lou Reed, and Herbie Hancock.

Driven only by his own desire to create the music he wanted to hear, Jaco transformed himself from a poor and unknown, scrappy Florida boy, into an international sensation — all without any formal musical training. Instead of chasing popular music, Jaco led his fans towards the music inside him. Defiantly jumping off amplifiers, heaving his bass through the air, and refusing to be just a “sideman,” Jaco broke down the barriers between audiences and genres. Now over 25 years since his violent and untimely death, his story will teach the world about true musicianship, family, and the indestructible power of the human spirit. Directed by Stephen Kijak and Paul Marchand. Produced by Metallica bassist and Jaco fan, Robert Trujillo.

For more information on the life and work of Jaco Pastorius visit his website.


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