Friday, May 4 2018


LISTEN We love (pun shamefully intended) Love Revolution by The Steadies.

LOOK Coming all the way from Venice, Italy, Earl Pereira of The Steadies shares a special video message for Jazz Festival fans!

LEARN Frontman Earl Pereira talks celebrity encounters, must-have albums and his best Jazz Fest moment in this exclusive mini-interview!

SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival: What has been your most memorable or inspirational gig and why?
Earl Pereira: 2010 JAZZ FEST! I had just left Wide Mouth Mason to fully pursue my own music. Mobadass (now The Steadies) was opening for Bedouin Soundclash in the Bessborough Gardens, which was a great fit for us. We had an amazing show and the crazy crowd response both validated my decision and gave me confidence that I could do it on my own.

SSJF: If you could see any show at the festival, which artist would you most want to see?
EP: John Butler Trio. I’m a fan but I’ve never seen them live and I heard they’re fantastic! Their music is really groovy and mixes blues with rock, reggae and folk—perfect for the jazz fest crowd, I think everyone is going to love it!

SSJF: If you could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life—what would they be?
EP: Such a hard question but if I had to pick, they would be THE POLICE – LIVE (double album hehe), SADE – LOVERS LIVE and THE BEATLES – ABBEY ROAD.

SSJF: What has been your strangest/craziest celebrity encounter?
EP: I’ve had some interesting encounters, but my favourite was when I went to see The Police in Montreal in 2007 with Kate Matthews. We had just gone to see The Police at the Bell Centre and the next morning, we threw on our tour swag and went for breakfast at a spot called Eggspectation (highly recommend!). We had just ordered when in walks The Police’s drummer Stewart Copeland! We both love him so we really wanted to snag an autograph, but given the situation, we knew we had to be strategic with our approach. We (not-so-covertly) watched until he ordered and then went over before his breakfast came (he had eggs Benedict, by the way #creeping). He was so nice to us and offered to sign our shirts (#twinning) and my hat. We chatted for a while and as it turns out, The Police’s former tour manager was also my manager for my old band Wide Mouth Mason. Small world!

LIVE Sunday June 24th at 8pm at the Nutrien Free Stage.